Does Europe still have villages?

Let's be honest, Europe is awash with thousands of pretty little towns to explore, but there are always a select few that really stand out. While the appeal of cosmopolitan European cities includes culture, gastronomy and nightlife, there is nothing quite like the charm of a forgotten Sicilian village or a small village nestled at the base of snow-capped mountains. Europe has small intriguing settlements at every turn, from historic medieval cobblestone villages to whitewashed clifftop villages. Although the options are plentiful, here is TPG's selection of some of the best villages in Europe.

Europe is full of hidden gems and out-of-the-ordinary destinations. I am here to share with you the 50 most beautiful towns and cities in Europe. Whether you visit it in summer or winter, you are sure to fall in love with what will always be one of the most charming small towns in Europe. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cruise ports in Europe, the small village of Flí¥m hosts ships that cross the vast Sognefjord in western Norway.

As younger generations continue to move towards urban centers, the remaining elderly populations in Europe's semi-abandoned villages and villages will die, taking with them much of the region's history, tradition and lifestyle. There are many things you can do in this charming European city, such as trying Becherovka, visiting the Diana Observation Tower or visiting the Museum of Glass. The smallest cities and towns in Europe are often overlooked in favor of major cities and capitals brimming with tourists. In Spain and Italy, as in other European nations, recent drastic measures have attempted to combat this slow agony of rural abandonment.

One fact that not many people know about this place is that Sighisoara is the last inhabited medieval citadel in Europe. Whether it's a lakeside village in Austria or a hauntingly beautiful village in Romania, these storybook cities are what European holidays dream about. With colorful houses, a bustling harbour and plenty of tourist attractions, Piran is one of the most remote destinations in Europe. You are obviously from Romania adding 3 Romanian locations, which I am not saying are not beautiful, but they are not even close to being among the 50 best beautiful places to visit in Europe.

If you like that your cities in Eastern Europe have a fear factor, then the Transylvanian city of Sighisìoara is for you. Often ignored by travelers to Europe, I really think Romania is one of the most magical countries I have ever explored and Brasov would be the jewel in the crown. One of the highlights of traveling to Alsace is visiting the small and colorful villages and Kaysersberg is one of the small secret villages that you have to visit in Europe. With colorful homes, beautiful architecture and stunning beaches, Menton is one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe.