What is the best country in Europe to live in?

Australia and New Zealand also finished in the top 10 countries for quality of life. Four Nordic countries ranked among the five happiest places to live with Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway after Finland. The next five on the list are the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria and Luxembourg. When it comes to finding friends, the Nordic countries also performed poorly.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland are the worst of all European countries, and Austria and Germany far behind. Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world, and rightly so. There is a work-life balance, high educational standards and a thriving business climate. Plus, you'll never be more than a 30-minute drive from a bustling city or the beautiful Danish countryside.

All of which makes it a solid choice for working expats. The United Nations Human Development Report included seven European nations in its latest list of the 10 best places to live. The darling of former Yugoslavia, Croatia boasts incredible natural beauty and one of the most interesting foods and drinks in all of Europe. Malaga is ideal for families and also very suitable for single digital nomads or couples, as well as for retirees who want to live an active, culturally rich and lively retirement.

A city with the highest concentration of museums per km2 in Europe, Malaga offers a high quality of life, security, a rich cultural life, health care teams and sun almost all year round. If you like Europe for its culture, openness, solidarity, architecture, events, tradition or gastronomy, you will love Malaga. This makes it an amazing place to live, an amazing place for everyone to visit and the best country in Europe. As for the “healthiest countries in the world,” the Bloomberg Global Health Index ranks 163 countries according to variables such as life expectancy, environmental factors, health risks, including malnutrition, high blood pressure and tobacco, pollution rates, access to quality health care, as well as drinking water.

Living in Western Europe can be quite expensive, but fortunately Portugal is very affordable and reasonably priced for expats. Working hours tend to be shorter than in most countries, and the gender division of the labor force is fairly equal: most men and women are employed full-time. Germany has one of the lowest levels of youth unemployment in Europe, partly because of the learning plans it offers. Search online and compare the living conditions of countries and cities on your personal list so that you can make the optimal choice for you and your family.

It is a difficult pill to swallow, but a good part of Europe's 44 official countries (as recognized by the United Nations) need not be between Greece, Spain and Sweden on the continent. But the most interesting thing about Albania is that, completely randomly, it has one of the best Internet services in Europe. Malaga is ideal for families and also very suitable for single digital nomads or couples, as well as for retirees who want to live an active and culturally rich and lively retirement. France is a Western European republic known above all for its capital and main cultural and commercial center, Paris, as well as its Mediterranean coast.