Which European country has the lowest crime rate?

Portugal is one of the safest European countries. Crime rates are very low and often affect some isolated neighborhoods. In addition to being a very beautiful city, Zurich is also one of the safest destinations in Europe with a very low crime rate. Come and discover Zurich and its surroundings, such as the Rhine Falls or Rigi.

Enjoy a gourmet tour of Zurich with a cheese or artisan chocolate fondue. Welcome to one of the safest and most pleasant destinations in Europe, welcome to Zurich. Papua New Guinea is the second most violent country with a crime rate of 80.04. All types of violent crimes such as murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery are carried out here on a daily basis. Raskol gangs are behind all the small and large scale criminal activities in the country.

In addition, the geography of Papua New Guinea makes it a very attractive place for trafficking in people and drugs. Violence is happening due to poor quality education, unemployment, a poor judicial system and corrupt law enforcement agencies. Traveling late at night and can only be very dangerous in Papua New Guinea, Brazil is one of the 20 countries with the highest homicide rates. Most of the crimes that take place here are violent or organized crimes.

The country is suffering severely due to the collision of different gangs. Drug trafficking, rape, corruption and murders are widespread problems in Brazil. Large-scale violent crime makes the country one of the dangerous in the world. There are two gangs, MS-13 and Barrio 18, behind this violence.

There are about 25,000 gang members between the two gangs and another 9,000 gang members are currently in prison. Singapore has some of the strictest laws against petty theft and other crimes, making it always one of the safest countries on the planet. Since Singapore is defined as a city-state, it is the second safest city in the world. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Portugal is currently ranked 13th on the list of the safest countries in the world. As a result, it is very popular with expats looking to avoid crime abroad. The report concludes that “the conflicts and crises that emerged in the last decade have begun to decrease, only to be replaced by a new wave of tension and uncertainty as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. He scored 1,366 points because he has a low crime rate.

Canada scored 1,298 with friendly cities like Montreal, in a very high position. With very few internal conflicts or violence, New Zealand scored 1,198 and ranked second. However, it is very important to remember that there can be a considerable amount of petty crime even in countries that are very safe and where crime and violent crime in general are low. Iceland has a very low level of crime attributed to its high standard of living, its small population, strong social attitudes against crime, a high level of trust in its well-trained and highly educated police force and a lack of tension between social and economic classes.

Japan has been in the top ten countries on the Global Peace Index for 13 years, consistently receiving high marks for low rates of crime, internal conflict and political terror. The report investigates countries to determine which countries are the safest and, at the same time, classify the most dangerous. Canada's citizenship is among the friendliest in the world, making it a country with one of the lowest crime rates. Iceland has a very low level of crime, especially violent crime, making it one of the safest countries in the world.

In many countries, even members of the security forces are partners in crime and ask for their share of the spoils. Iceland tops the Global Peace Index, which ranks countries according to safety and security, ongoing conflict and militarization. Crime has been declining in Canada for several years, confirming its status as one of the safest countries in the world. Watch for potential threats, but Austria has one of the lowest levels of serious crime in the world.

Already well protected thanks to its walls (Edinburgh is also among the best fortified cities in Europe), Scotland's capital is also one of the safest destinations in Europe, with above-average security and a very low crime rate. Cybersecurity in Japan strengthened in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics, but cybercrime remains a problem. Therefore, South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries for women to live and they must take special precautions. Spain is the safest country in the world for women traveling alone according to the Women's Danger Index, which ranks the countries that are safest for women to visit.

The Institute for Economics and Peace conducts an annual ranking of which countries in the world are the safest, called the Global Peace Index. . .