What is the best way to travel around Europe for the first time?

Trains are, in general, the best way to get around Europe. The rail network is complete, ticket costs are quite affordable, and the scenery is magnificent. Trains are a great way to visit many destinations quickly and efficiently. An easy way to combat fatigue is to stop moving so much.

Stay at each location for about a week and go on day trips from there. For example, a base in Paris means you can get to know the city while exploring nearby places like Versailles and Champagne. A one-hour train ride will take you to Brussels or Luxembourg, and you can even reach the Netherlands if you leave well in advance. Europe is huge and full of “must-see places”.

Paris, Rome, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam and Venice are on the list of must-sees for many first-time travelers in Europe. They are all amazing places to visit. And with so many great places to see, it can be very difficult to narrow the list down to just a few destinations. This task becomes much easier once you've done all those previous steps, so don't skip them.

Discover the most efficient way to travel between cities and book your flights, trains, buses or ferries. Wondering where to go for the first time in Europe? Prague is a favorite of many first-time travelers to Europe thanks to its unique combination of architecture, vibrant nightlife and relative affordability. Over the past 5-10 years, Prague has exploded in popularity, so be sure to expect crowds and lots of them. Things are different in Europe, that's why you go.

But all first-timers worry about getting along in an unknown place. Travelers are worried or curious about everything from the size of beds and strange food to language issues and. Here are some friendly tips to help pave the way. Many countries in Europe do not have drinking water, so one with a filter is especially useful.

Avoid wearing heels, as cobbled streets are often everywhere in Europe, along with rolling hills and uneven sidewalks. If you are like me and you are very discouraged by the smell of tobacco, you may have trouble adjusting to life in Europe. Eric has been to more than 30 countries in Europe, and we have both lived, studied and traveled to countries all over Europe. The classic stops for the first trip to Europe are Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Rome (Italy), Vienna (Austria), London (United Kingdom), Barcelona (Spain), etc., etc.

I also recommend carrying at least one converter with you on the plane so that you can immediately recharge your phone, laptop or any other device on the ground in Europe, as needed. Europe is different from North America in that you can take trains virtually everywhere. Europe has dozens of languages spoken, with German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, English and some others being the most common. Europe is not without fantastic ski resorts, such as the Three Valleys in France, Zermatt in Switzerland and St Anton in Austria.

When you travel to Europe for the first time (and preferably every time after), you should carry a reusable water bottle with you. There are usually no wipes in Europe, so if you use one regularly, make sure you pack one plus a plastic bag for storage in case it isn't completely dry when you go out. Don't be alarmed if you see police officers dressed in what looks like combat gear carrying heavy machine guns at airports, train and bus stations, and even in popular tourist spots. While Americans are more likely to cuddle and book kisses for extremely close friends and family, the opposite is often the case across Europe.

In Europe, it is extremely easy to visit several destinations due to the available connections and these types of trips offer many benefits. Follow step-by-step instructions for any phone settings that need to be changed when you arrive in Europe and how to make a local call from each country. If you are traveling to Europe for the first time, the weather and climate are something that will definitely dictate your travel plans. .