What is the least visited place in the world?

Liberia has some worthy tourist activities and places of interest. There are long stretches of beaches, perfect waves for surfing and tropical forests, but this is one of the least known countries in the world, hardly visited by anyone, and this does not help the development of infrastructure. Like off the beaten path? Discovering things that few have done before? Well, visiting Nauru, the least visited country in the world, might suit you. Nauru is the least visited country on the planet.

Let's take a closer look at Nauru. Nauru is located in Micronesia and has a land area of only 21 km2 (8.1 square miles), near Australia in the Pacific Ocean. It gained its independence only in 1968 and began to raise money a few years after this. How? Nauru had a large population of seagulls that used the island as a nesting place.

Their faces help the production of phosphate resources, which are desired by companies that use phosphates to produce fertilizers, etc. The economy skyrocketed and this small island nation went a little crazy with greed, even founding its own country's airline, Nauru Air. Nauru made a name for itself, as it became known as a large detention camp area for refugees arriving in Australia. Once word got out about this, as well as the poor conditions they were in, Nauru made it very difficult for journalists to enter the country.

Why go anywhere Most people who visit Nauru are probably the ones who want to visit every country, those who travel in the Pacific, or those who want something different. Forgetting the current pandemic, otherwise it is quite difficult to get to Nauru. There is only one airline serving the country; Nauru Air. You can catch a plane to Nauru from Fiji or Australia, and flights are expensive and irregular.

This also means that, once there, you have no choice but to wait for the next flight to depart a week later. You will most likely need a visa to visit Nauru and, due to restrictions imposed on journalists, applications can take a lot of time and money. If you visit, you'll also discover tasty food and plenty to do for active travellers, the island's home to some of the best kitesurfing in the world. In fact, the least visited country in the world is located on an island paradise in the middle of the South Pacific.

From Niue to Brunei, read on to learn more about the world's least visited places and add a few dozen destinations to your own list of travel destinations. Despite this reality, around 100,000 people visit North Korea every year (although it must be admitted that the vast majority of these tourists come from China). As this is a very unique country, which has been practically mired in chaos and lack of government since 1991, it is quite fascinating to visit it. And I completely identify with other people who want to visit these places, so I hope my brief explanation about traveling in the least visited countries in the world will help.

In Somaliland, a little safer, you can find some adventurous travelers trying to visit the lesser-known countries. Cliff towns, vibrant music, a rich tradition of silver jewelry and a history that goes back to ancient African civilizations will await visitors when, hopefully, some semblance of peace is achieved in the future. Last year, the islands worked tirelessly to rebuild and visitors are returning, with the summer months a particularly popular time. If you manage to find someone to take you there, and curfews and controls allow, visit Nimule National Park or Boma National Park for a safari, or the Sudd wetland area.

The number of visitors you see is usually NGO staff, journalists looking for a story, and some entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in the new land. Somaliland, in the north, is a self-declared country, and while many people visit Somaliland and count it as a visit to Somalia, it is a bit false considering that Somaliland has its own currency, government, flag, etc. It is so unknown and receives so few visitors that there is not much that is known about one of the least visited countries in the world. As one of the least visited countries in the world, there were no suitable hotels in Kingstown and literally nothing was open.

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