Where in Europe is it not touristy?

Matera is known for its cave dwellings. Be sure to visit Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario, a museum that houses antique furniture and handcrafted tools, and St. Lucia alle Malve, a rocky church with frescoes from the 13th century. Braga is the third largest city in Portugal and is only 1 hour away by train from Porto.

Despite being home to several historic attractions, including the oldest cathedral in Portugal, Braga is not as touristy as other Portuguese destinations. Piatra Craiului is a 15,000-hectare park in the Carpathians of Romania that is home to rich wildlife and several picturesque hiking trails. If you want to go hiking in Transylvania, this park should be your starting point. In addition to boasting large areas of ancient forest, Piatra Craiului is also home to more than 120 species of birds, including the rare golden eagle and some 270 species of butterflies.

From Asos in Greece to Riquewihr in France and Cala Figuera in Spain, discover a selection of the best unknown destinations in Europe and book your hotel, apartment, B&B, villa at the best price guaranteed and your best activities in Europe for a perfect holiday in the most beautiful secret destinations in Europe. If you want to escape the routine (subway, traffic jams or noise), book your hotel, villas, apartments, B% 26B today in Asos on the island of Kefalonia in Greece. Buy your Kefalonia airport tickets online, rent a car for Asos (an hour's drive from the airport) and discover this town with its 500 years of history, crystal clear waters and a delightful climate, all year round. Enjoy the region's local wines and Greek cheeses on a mountain tour to a local vineyard.

The French and travelers from all over the world consider Riquewihr to be one of the most beautiful villages in France. Book your stay in Riquewihr at the best price guaranteed, as well as your plane tickets (Riquewihr is easy to reach from Basel Airport (about an hour's drive). Located in Liguria, Bogliasco is one of the most incredible hidden gems in Italy. This small town (less than 5000 inhabitants) is a perfect destination for those who oppose the beaten track.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy. Enjoy your stay in Bogliasco, discover the Cinque Terre such as Portovenere or Vernazza; visit the region's vineyards, enjoy a boat trip. Cala Figuera is one of the most beautiful places in the Balearic Islands and one of the hidden gems of Spain. This magnificent destination is a popular destination for artists from all over the world, as well as tourists seeking authenticity and tranquility.

Book your accommodation today at the best price guaranteed in Cala Figuera on the island of Mallorca, as well as its best activities, such as diving or a wine tasting tour with local tapas. We especially recommend the Marblau Mallorca apartments, they are perfectly located for you to enjoy a sweet and pleasant holiday in Cala Figuera. Deia, located on the island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, is a small hidden gem located to the west of the island. The place is visited every year by travelers from all over the world.

Enjoy sumptuous landscapes, unspoiled nature, tasty and healthy cuisine in Deia, near Sóller (another great destination for a quiet holiday on the island of Mallorca). Deia has always been a village of artists (Pierce Brosnan and Michael Douglas used to spend their holidays there). Book your accommodation today at the best price in Deia; we recommend the friendly Belmond La Residencia for an unforgettable vacation. Book your hotel, guest house, B&B, apartment, at the best price guaranteed in Friuli Venezia or Cividale del Friuli; we recommend the charming La Casa Di Matilde with an ideal location in Cividale del Friuli.

Enjoy a romantic and unforgettable vacation in one of the best hidden gems in Europe. You can take the gondola for a six-minute ride to the top of the Pfänder, right from the city center. From the top, you can see 240 alpine peaks of the surrounding mountains. There has been a city on the site of York for nearly 2,000 years, making it one of the 12 cities in England that are so old that they predate records.

The city was bombed to near destruction during the war, and much reconstruction was needed in the 1950s and 1960s to restore it to its former greatness. Are you working on a list of adventures in Europe? Explore a cave in Dachstein. Or cycle through Hallstatt and Obertraun to enjoy the views 2700 m above sea level on the Skywalk Suspension Bridge. Then, a regularly scheduled 40-minute bus ride will take you from Rimini's main train station to the capital of San Marino, with a few stops in smaller cities within San Marino.

This windy mountain pass reaches a height of 5,285 feet (1,611 meters) and takes you on a spooky journey through the majestic Julian Alps. There are 50 closed curves, each labeled with a number and the elevation. Not only does Rothenburg offer an incredible Christmas market with mulled wine and delicious schneeballes (a local specialty pastry shop made for over 300 years here), but the Christmas shop, Kathe Wohlfahrt, truly completes the experience. Are you looking for the sea? Ferry to the Aran Islands, where time seems to have stood still.

You can check out a 10-day itinerary in Ireland here. Climb from Papingo to Drakolimni Tymfi's, the highest mountain lake in Greece. Or walk through the impressive 20 kilometre long Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in the world. Travelers sometimes decide to skip Switzerland because it can be expensive, but it's also one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

While I could name 100 places that are incredibly beautiful in this small country, I recommend adding Zermatt to your list of the best holiday destinations in Europe. Or take on the challenging “Kotor Ladder”. This trail has more than 70 zigzag trails, but you will be rewarded with views of the entire bay and surrounding mountainous area when you reach the top. There is also a natural pool near here.

And in the east of the island, with a population of less than 900 people, you can explore the beach. But people come here to see the Rock of Gibraltar, a 1400-foot (426-meter) high limestone ridge that dominates the enclave. With a population of just over 400 inhabitants, Blokhus attracts around 1 million visitors a year. Cercedilla, Spain, is a small abandoned town north of Madrid.

Leiden is a picturesque university town located just 30 to 40 minutes by train from Amsterdam. For an inspiring day trip, consider visiting Walhalla Memorial, a kind of 19th-century German celebrity “hall of fame” with over 2,000 busts. Often referred to as the “Paris of the North”, Riga offers one of the largest and most impressive modernist architecture in all of Europe, including goddesses and gargoyles that adorn hundreds of buildings along majestic boulevards. But if you're interested in a soul-satisfying trip with fewer crowds and more magical moments, consider visiting one of the 47 out-of-the-ordinary European destinations on this Europe bucket list of top travel bloggers.

I think it is a fairly well-known destination among European tourists that is still relatively little known to many non-Europeans. When all else fails, enjoy Bristol as the locals do: have a couple of drinks, watch a play or go dancing at one of the many festivals that take place here, in one of the best non-touristy places to visit in Europe. However, there are many cities in Europe whose importance has been largely overshadowed by that of endless megacities. Latvia, together with the previously listed countries of Lithuania and Estonia, make up the 3 Baltic states and, in fact, all three have reached this list of “least visited countries in Europe”.

If you haven't made a visit to the medieval capital of northern England yet, you should add it to your European bucket list. You will first see the ruins of Chateau de Kaysersberg, on top of a hill, as you enter this incredible place in Europe. If you are looking for a lesser visited destination in Europe, put Helsinki, Finland, at the top of your list for its relaxed atmosphere and modern, non-conformist vibe. The second smallest country in the world (with the Vatican as the first), the sovereign “microstate” of Monaco stands as one of the least visited countries in Europe and could be attributed primarily to the way it is configured to accommodate a special visitor league that comprises mostly the rich and powerful (and also because the most tourists do it as a day trip).

In addition, it can be argued that the modern border between Asia and Europe remains a historical and cultural construction. Any list of the best places to visit in Europe off the beaten track wouldn't be complete without Ksamil, Albania. . .