What is the most beautiful country to visit in Europe?

The 10 most beautiful countries in EuropeTurkey. Europe has an extraordinary range of diverse landscapes in its 44 countries. I appreciate that you have chosen almost half as the most beautiful countries in Europe, but how the hell do you reduce it even more? Even this was a struggle. Read more about Italy in my posts about the 15 beautiful cities of Italy, the best places to visit in Puglia, 7 charming boutique hotels in Sardinia, 11 places to watch the Venice sunset, 55 fascinating facts about Rome, 16 beautiful bridges in Rome, 18 Venetian palaces to visit or sleep in 27 places of interest not to be missed in Venice, what is Italy known for? 35 Italian claims to fame, 20 beautiful fountains in Rome, 25 monuments of Rome, 24 famous monuments of Italy and the best ski resorts in Italy.

Another country with more than 1,000 islands, Croatia sits on the Mediterranean seas that seem to have been washed. This long, thin country is also home to one of the most spectacular coastal roads I've ever seen. There is something very magical about Scotland. If fairies exist, they would definitely be hanging out in Scotland.

And if Scotland had a better climate, it would be full of tourists, because my God, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Chocolates, clocks, everything in time, cuckoo clocks, bank accounts, mountains, lakes and much more in beautiful Switzerland. This country is a magical mix of Italy, France and Germany, but it still has its own unique identity. Would you undress in a spa? Check out my posts on Nude or Dress - Baden Baden Spa Guide Baden, the best Baden Baden tour options, What is Germany famous for? 31 German claims to fame, 26 monuments in Germany, 9 most beautiful cities in Germany and a day in Hamburg, all in Germany.

San Marino is the oldest republic in the world and has never been taken by anyone. This small country of only 61 square kilometers is located on the top of a hill and dominates the Italian countryside. The blinking photo roofs in Vienna are from Prague Czech Republic. Active travelers love Europe's wide attractions.

You can ski in the French Alps, kayak in Croatia's Adriatic Sea, walk around Grindelwald in Switzerland, and cycle through the Netherlands, just to name a few popular outdoor activities. It's hard to imagine Italy without salivating because of the idea of its food. This boot-shaped country features tomatoes so sweet they taste like sweets, pizzas cooked to perfection and gelato that literally melts in your mouth. Italy is a utopia for the gonomes.

Even brighter than their food are the impeccable architectural and cultural masterpieces found in the ancient buildings, squares and museums dotted by Italy's bustling cities and small picturesque villages. Valencia will calm your soul with healing sea views, while the Costa Brava offers some of the most stunning beaches in Spain. The village of Hallstatt in the Austrian Alps, Austria is one of those countries that can really take your breath away. Surrounded by the magnificent Australian Alps and dotted with sparkling lakes, this wonderland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Austria is also one of the most musical. It is almost impossible to stroll through the country's many city streets without listening to a song fragment, especially one composed by the famous Austrian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in Salzburg, the influence of the former baroque composer can be felt everywhere (his image is even found in chocolate wraps). Make your way through narrow, winding alleys in the old town, Altstadt Salzburg (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), enjoy lunch in a courtyard or visit a museum or St.

Peter's Abbey while you're in town. A masterpiece of the Mediterranean, Croatia offers landscapes to calm the soul and fresh food to treat the palate. With friendly locals, castles on the hills, preserved Roman ruins and a sea the color of sapphires, it's impossible to feel stressed in this charming archipelago. Split is one of the most vibrant cities in Croatia and the second largest after Zagreb.

Both are more than worthy of a visit. The island of Hvar will help you get your beach; it is considered the sunniest place in Europe. Croatia's supreme glory is its perfect position on the Adriatic Sea. Be sure to board a boat at some point to explore the archipelago, especially the charming Elaphite Islands, which are located northwest of Dubrovnik.

Do you feel adventurous? Kayaking and rafting are popular in Croatia, and you'll find plenty of rocky limestone cliffs to jump on. Lavender field in front of Simiane la Rotonde, Provence, France Less formally known as Holland, the Netherlands offers visitors a relaxing holiday full of art, beauty and plenty of cycling. Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in the Netherlands. Despite its somewhat sordid reputation, this place full of canals is beautiful and full of impressive museums (40, to be exact).

Don't miss the city's top attractions, the Rijksmuseum, the Ann Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Big cities aren't your only option in the Netherlands. The lovely fishing villages located along Lake Ijsselmeer are worth a stop, especially Marken, Volendam and Enkhuizen. Located in northern Europe, between Norway and Finland, Sweden is the place to visit if you are looking for an incredible view of the northern lights.

Here, you can stroll through dense forests, go canoeing through crystal clear waters, and set up a tent in an open field. Those who appreciate avant-garde architecture will be rewarded with some of the world's most fascinating designs in Sweden. The country's most vibrant city is Stockholm, where you'll find the popular Vasa Museum, as well as stylish shops and restaurants. Don't miss a trip to Skansen, a large open-air museum that represents life in the 1720s to 1960s.

Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, is another must-see for foodies (they have fantastic restaurants) and beach lovers alike. The medieval city of Bruges in Belgium Among its 450-island archipelago, you'll find villages dotted with wooden houses, well-kept gardens, as well as cities with palaces, museums and amusement parks (such as Copenhagen, with Christiansborg Palace and Tivoli Gardens). Did you know that 7 out of 10 of the most visited countries in the world are European nations? With more than 324 million international visitors last year, Europe covers more than half of the global travel market. France is the most visited country in Europe, attracting an impressive 81,411,000 foreign tourists every year, more than any other country in the world.

In Paris, the capital, you will find iconic structures such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. However, France is much more than Paris; it is also worth visiting the Avignon Festival, the Loire Valley Castle and Les Machines de l'île in Nantes. There is a reason to visit the country at any time of year, whether it's skiing in the Alps or enjoying the sun on the French Riviera. Completing the top five places is Germany, with 28,374,000 foreign visitors a year.

Classical music fans will enjoy the country's various music festivals, while art enthusiasts will also be spoilt for choice with a visit to Berlin. Germany is also famous for its Christmas markets. Make the most of Germany that borders several other countries by visiting several European destinations during your trip. Ksamil Beach Is Albania at the top of your bucket list for a beach vacation this summer? I don't think so.

Maybe it's because you haven't seen Ksamil Beach, the jewel of the Albanian Riviera, with dazzling white sands, turquoise waters and three idyllic islands in the bay. Book hotels on the Faroe Islands. Discover the most beautiful European landscapes with the Azores, but also the wonderful Douro Valley in Portugal. You probably already know Mont Saint-Michel, but what about Boniface, Hallstatt, the Hallerbos forest or the Lofoten islands? You may have discovered Meteora on a National Geographic calendar, but it's time to come and discover the incredible beauty of its landscape.

These monasteries, hung in the sky, are a high place of the Orthodox religion. Visit these cheap places in Europe (we're talking about amazing places like Prague and Valencia) or head to these beautiful but affordable European countries (hello, Bulgaria and Romania). The Czech Republic is home to beautiful ancient European cities, national parks, fairytale castles and much more. One of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe, Switzerland is more than worth its high price tags.

Don't miss my posts on 14 great things to do in Verbier that aren't skiing and 20 reasons to visit Verbier in summer. There are a total of 48 countries on this extremely diverse continent, from Iceland in the north to Cyprus in the south and even to the Ural Mountains in Russia. Although Mont Saint-Michel is not densely populated (40 inhabitants), it is possible to stay there, eat there, in short, spend a beautiful vacation there. You'll find beautiful fields, mountains, UNESCO world heritage sites and beaches depending on where you choose to visit.

As in Trolltunga, one of Iceland's most iconic landmarks is as beautiful as it is remote, an independent (and symmetrical) mountain near the northern coast of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, surrounded by beaches, waterfalls and everything you imagine Iceland to be. Larger cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne and Bern help visitors to satiate themselves with culture and beauty in one fell swoop. Personally, I think Italy is the most beautiful country in the world; of course, the views are favored by excellent food, wine and coffee. Put the cities, beaches, castles and the best things to do in Spain at the top of your to-do list and find inspiration for your next trip.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe; it also offers one of the best climates to enjoy the sun all year round. . .