What is the best country to visit in Europe?

Top 15 places to visit in EuropeParis, France. Paris has it all, so it's as close to a must-see as there is in Europe. Active travelers love Europe's wide attractions. You can ski in the French Alps, kayak in Croatia's Adriatic Sea, walk around Grindelwald in Switzerland, and cycle through the Netherlands, just to name a few popular outdoor activities.

It's hard to imagine Italy without salivating because of the idea of its food. This boot-shaped country features tomatoes so sweet they taste like sweets, pizzas cooked to perfection and gelato that literally melts in your mouth. Italy is a utopia for the gonomes. Even brighter than their food are the impeccable architectural and cultural masterpieces found in the ancient buildings, squares and museums dotted by Italy's bustling cities and small picturesque villages.

Valencia will calm your soul with healing sea views, while the Costa Brava offers some of the most stunning beaches in Spain. The village of Hallstatt in the Austrian Alps, Austria is one of those countries that can really take your breath away. Surrounded by the magnificent Australian Alps and dotted with sparkling lakes, this wonderland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Austria is also one of the most musical.

It is almost impossible to stroll through the country's many city streets without listening to a song fragment, especially one composed by the famous Austrian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in Salzburg, the influence of the former baroque composer can be felt everywhere (his image is even found in chocolate wraps). Make your way through narrow, winding alleys in the old town, Altstadt Salzburg (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), enjoy lunch in a courtyard or visit a museum or St. Peter's Abbey while you're in town.

A masterpiece of the Mediterranean, Croatia offers landscapes to calm the soul and fresh food to treat the palate. With friendly locals, castles on the hills, preserved Roman ruins and a sea the color of sapphires, it's impossible to feel stressed in this charming archipelago. Split is one of the most vibrant cities in Croatia and the second largest after Zagreb. Both are more than worthy of a visit.

The island of Hvar will help you get your beach; it is considered the sunniest place in Europe. Croatia's supreme glory is its perfect position on the Adriatic Sea. Be sure to board a boat at some point to explore the archipelago, especially the charming Elaphite Islands, which are located northwest of Dubrovnik. Do you feel adventurous? Kayaking and rafting are popular in Croatia, and you'll find plenty of rocky limestone cliffs to jump on.

Lavender field in front of Simiane la Rotonde, Provence, France Less formally known as Holland, the Netherlands offers visitors a relaxing holiday full of art, beauty and plenty of cycling. Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in the Netherlands. Despite its somewhat sordid reputation, this place full of canals is beautiful and full of impressive museums (40, to be exact). Don't miss the city's top attractions, the Rijksmuseum, the Ann Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

Big cities aren't your only option in the Netherlands. The lovely fishing villages located along Lake Ijsselmeer are worth a stop, especially Marken, Volendam and Enkhuizen. Located in northern Europe, between Norway and Finland, Sweden is the place to visit if you are looking for an incredible view of the northern lights. Here, you can stroll through dense forests, go canoeing through crystal clear waters, and set up a tent in an open field.

Those who appreciate avant-garde architecture will be rewarded with some of the world's most fascinating designs in Sweden. The country's most vibrant city is Stockholm, where you'll find the popular Vasa Museum, as well as stylish shops and restaurants. Don't miss a trip to Skansen, a large open-air museum that represents life in the 1720s to 1960s. Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, is another must-see for foodies (they have fantastic restaurants) and beach lovers alike.

The medieval city of Bruges in Belgium Among its 450-island archipelago, you'll find villages dotted with wooden houses, well-kept gardens, as well as cities with palaces, museums and amusement parks (such as Copenhagen, with Christiansborg Palace and Tivoli Gardens). Europe is the number 1 tourist destination in the world, the wide variety of its landscapes, the diversity of its climates and its history make it the favorite place for travelers for a vacation. The European continent has more than 50 countries and it is not always easy to choose when planning a trip to visit Europe. Portugal is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, its gastronomy, its rich history and its magnificent beaches.

France is the most visited country in Europe ahead of Spain and Italy. Maybe it's because Paris is the capital of love or because its wines, especially those from Bordeaux, are among the best and most famous in the world. Travelers may prefer the beautiful landscapes of “La France” or perhaps they are attracted by its incredible cultural heritage and historical monuments, such as the illustrious castles of the Loire Valley. Do you want to think outside the box? No problem, we have selected for you the best hidden gems in France.

Don't waste time and discover the best places to visit in France. The beauties and riches of Greece are numerous, the country offers activities for everyone. From the traditional but unmissable tour of the Acropolis to romantic sailing cruises along the coast of Santorini or an afternoon of diving to Mykonos, choose from the best things to do in Greece. Our selection of the best beaches in Greece, the most beautiful islands in Greece, natural wonders, the best things to do in Greece and the best castles to visit in Greece will help you find your ideal vacation.

Italy is unique in the world. Rome, the capital, was considered the capital of the world for many centuries. This country has had a profound impact on Europe and continues to fascinate travelers from all over the world. There is not a single place in Italy that is not incredibly interesting and beautiful.

You can ski in the best ski resorts in Italy. You can see masterpieces in the best destinations in Italy, such as Rome, Milan, Florence. You can go off the beaten track and explore the most beautiful castles in Italy or the best hidden gems in Italy, such as Alberobello or Sirmione. Do you want to relax? Discover your ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

From Cinque Terre to Tropea via Pisa, Venice, Bologna, Monte Isola or Palermo, discover the most beautiful places in Italy. Croatia is a rich country that offers travellers the guarantee of an exceptional vacation. There you will probably find the greatest diversity of landscapes in Europe with forests, fields, hills, beaches, islands and mountains of rare beauty. You will fall in love with this country, its history, its beauty, its charm.

You will immerse yourself in the pure waters of Croatia and discover its 1,000 islands. You can also venture inland and discover exceptional hills, mountains and forests. Take a trip to the city of Zagreb, relax or play sports on its coasts and islands. Croatia is also ideal for green holidays.

Enjoy pleasant walks in its beautiful parks. Put the cities, beaches, castles and the best things to do in Spain at the top of your to-do list and find inspiration for your next trip. Travel more and spend less booking your flights, accommodation and the best tours in Spain. Germany is one of the most visited countries in Europe, along with France, the United Kingdom and Italy.

This is probably because Germany offers such a diverse and authentic variety of landscapes and destinations. Germany is the perfect destination for unique European experiences with its magnificent castles, beautiful wild beaches and incredible hidden gems. Germany is a perfect destination not only for history and nature lovers, but also for food lovers. Do you expect to drink beer and eat sausages every day? Forget about clichés.

Germany is the second most starred European country, just after France. Which must-see destinations in Germany will you add to your wish list? Your discovery of Austria will probably begin with a stay in Vienna. But where will you go now? Will you limit yourself to discovering the beauties and riches of the Austrian capital or would you like to discover the most beautiful destinations in Austria, its sumptuous lakes, its incredible castles, the must-see destinations, as well as the best hidden gems and natural wonders of Austria? Discover must-see places as well as out-of-the-ordinary destinations and create your trip à la carte by drawing inspiration from the best places to visit in Austria. The capital of 500 million Europeans expects to share its treasures.

In Vienna, more than 27 castles and more than 150 palaces await you. A charming destination is located next to the largest natural lake in France. Spain has 47 UNESCO world heritage sites, numerous beaches in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and numerous festivals that bring together people from all over the world. Many have compared the coastal part of Spain to the tropical islands.

Among the most famous sights for visitors are the Acropolis, the monasteries of Meteora, the mystical ruins of Delphi, the Temple of Hephaestus and many more. The capital of Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Santorini and Crete are among the most visited cities and islands. There are more than 200 Greek islands that you can visit, each one more beautiful than the other. With a charming and relaxed atmosphere in its cities and towns, the Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit, very tolerant and progressive.

Traveling is also very easy and convenient, as it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Famous for its clogs, canals and windmills, the Netherlands is also home to a host of picturesque farmland and tulips. Since much of its land has been reclaimed from the North Sea by an impressive series of dams and dams, its iconic low-lying landscapes are not to be missed. In recent years, Poland has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, as visitors flock to Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw.

Bordered to the north by the Baltic Sea, with many mountains, forests and lakes also on offer, Poland is a very beautiful, pleasant and picturesque place to visit. Embracing the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is blessed with a long, picturesque coastline dotted with beautiful beaches and sleepy fishing villages. Add in its warm and cozy climate, and it's no wonder it's a very popular holiday destination. While many people stay in the coastal region, it is also worth exploring its mountainous interior because of its beautiful landscapes and cities in the hills.

On top of all this, the wild and wonderful Portuguese archipelagos of the Atlantic Ocean of Madeira and the Azores are ideal for exotic and exciting escapes. Located in southeastern Europe, Romania is, in many ways, dominated and defined by the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River that run through it. As much of it consists of untouched, untouched forests and rolling hills, the country is truly a nature lover's dream. With a beautiful Black Sea coastline, as well as one of the most spectacular routes in Europe in the form of the Transfagarasan highway, Romania is a great tourist destination.

In recent years, Croatia has experienced a tourist boom, as visitors from all over the world flock to its shores, and it's very easy to see why. Germany, home to fairy-tale castles, ancient medieval cities and many romantic landscapes, is an absolutely magical place to visit. The largest and most populous nation in Central Europe, it has a surprising number of different sides. With a wide range of historical sights and cultural sights on display, as well as a host of delicious cuisines to sample, Germany has something for everyone to enjoy.

The largest country in the world, Russia and its many riches, could take a lifetime to explore. It stretches from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, everything is epic in size and scale. While its dazzling treasures are fascinating, venturing further to Lake Baikal, the Caucasus and Kamchatka is equally rewarding. With fantastic cities such as Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk that lie along the Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia's vast and varied landscapes invite you to.

Although famous for its magical mountains, including the imposing 4,478-metre-high Matterhorn, landlocked Switzerland has much more to offer. Sandwiched between the magnificent Swiss Alps are more than 1,500 lakes, such as those of Lake Geneva and Lake Lucerne. With so many beautiful landscapes on display, Switzerland is a great place for hiking, skiing, mountaineering or swimming. Although Greece boasts more than 13,500 kilometres of idyllic coastline, this ancient land is much more than a beach holiday destination.

Now, what makes the continent of Europe so special is that we have around 50 countries, each with its own distinct character, charm and culture, which is incredible to visit. In the highest corner of Europe, Iceland is about a 2.5 hour flight from London and about 5 hours from New York. This makes it a very easy country to visit if you jump from the other side of the pond. Transportation in Iceland can now be expensive, with distances between many geological sites exceeding 100 km (62 miles or so) at a time.

For us, the easiest way to get around Iceland is by car or coach with prior reservation. However, the latter tends to be more expensive. And, for some of Norway's best hikes, head to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in Forsand, Ryfylke. Pack your hiking boots and walk to the steep cliff that rises 604 meters (1982 feet).

The view is breathtaking, just be prepared for a little vertigo, the edge of the cliff goes straight to the bottom. This mountainous principality hidden in the Pyrenees between France and Spain is worth a weekend visit for its stunning mountain views, medieval architecture and endless hiking trails. And now, adventure provider Epic Andorra offers outdoor enthusiasts a new way to appreciate the microstate. It recently released Travessa Andorra, a trekking itinerary that can be customized on three-, four- and five-day routes, depending on the amount of terrain you want to cover.

The trip involves walking, cycling, skiing or some combination thereof; snowmobiles and 4x4s can also be deployed on longer trips. Every night, Epic Andorra will offer you accommodation in some of the region's traditional borders (former grazing outposts that have been converted into charming huts). Whichever option you choose (the longest runs from La Rabassa to Ós de Civis, the shortest from Pas de la Casa to Arinsal), you are guaranteed to pass through spectacular scenery full of rugged peaks, winding rivers and picturesque villages. Iceland is a perfect country for anyone who loves vast and varied landscapes and who may want to photograph them.

With spectacular views and breathtaking walks, Iceland is the best and perfect European country to visit if you want to explore the outdoors and experience moon-like landscapes. And the fact that it is only a 5 hour flight from major cities on the east coast and 2.5 hours from the UK makes it very accessible. See our Iceland itinerary, our favorite places on the south coast and the golden circle route, northern Iceland and other posts about Iceland See why we love northern Italy in November and other posts about Italy See our other posts about Greece Don't miss trying some French pastries. See our other publications about France Some places to visit in Slovenia are the popular Lake Bled and the beloved Lake Bohinj.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the picturesque alpine peaks and valleys of the Julian Alps. The Mediterranean cities of Piran, Izola and Koper are also worth visiting. Denmark may be a small country, but it offers plenty of sights to see. The capital, Copenhagen, is one of my favorite cities and easily one of the best places in Europe to visit during a city break.

Kids will love Tivoli amusement park and don't forget to look for the iconic “Little Mermaid” statue. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, houses an extensive permanent collection and is worth the drive. Another place in Denmark that I loved was Kronborg Castle in the city of Helsingør, which became famous (as Elsinore) in William Shakespeare Hamlet's play. We watched an interactive theater experience of Hamlet while visiting the castle.

See our other publications about Denmark CategoriesAustria, Denmark, Europe, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Operating System Features, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland We have traveled with our children for more than 20 years and here is our list of family trips. It's not always about marking countries and counting passport stamps, for us when we go out Read more. Spain is a more dynamic, clean, diverse and cheerful country than Italy. Spain has the greatest cultural variety, biomes and climates in Europe by far, even though Italy is also a diverse country.

Among the most visited are Stonehenge, the Roman baths and the Georgian city of Bath, Canterbury Cathedral, the Cotswolds, Warwick Castle and Stirling Castle. Magical to behold, the bright lakes are among the most popular attractions in the country and are the highlight of many people's visit. An environmentally friendly country, this Nordic star offers visitors a clean, quiet and beautiful holiday destination. While staying in Mykonos, visit The Wild Hotel, which captivates guests with a private beach, newly redesigned suites and a new cliffside restaurant opening in June.

Brussels is a great tourist attraction, as it offers visitors a glimpse of its most magical historical buildings, such as La Grande Place (a. From the wild to the elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures and its landscapes are as intriguing as its past. Everywhere, from Antrim, through Mayo and Kerry to West Cork, it's incredibly picturesque and the people are much friendlier and more welcoming than in other countries. I see many complaints from people about why certain countries are not on the list, but it is, of course, a subjective assessment of the places in Europe that you have experienced.

Once here, be sure to explore the mainland of Greece, but also take the opportunity to visit some of the most special islands. Visit the 9th century Viking ships on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo in the capital and Bergen, with colorful wooden houses, is the starting point for cruises to the spectacular Sognefjord. Sitting at the southern tip of Europe, Portugal has many beautiful places that you can visit all over the country. Well, there are literally hundreds of the best places in Spain to visit and it's hard to narrow down just a few.

It is one of those countries that are known worldwide for their incredible beauty in many ways, but also the country where so many other beauties are either completely overlooked or not advertised at all. A sophisticated and culturally rich country known for its cuisine, France is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. . .