Interesting places to see in Europe?

Book hotels in the Faroe Islands. In general, the country of Bosnia -26% Herzegovina is often overlooked. While many travelers stop by to visit Mostar on a day trip from nearby Dubrovnik (in Croatia), I can say with absolute certainty that this country deserves much more than a day trip. A few years ago I spent a week with a local family in Blagaj, a small town on the outskirts of Mostar.

Of course, it was Mostar who first caught my attention, but after a road trip through the small country of the Balkan Peninsula, I realized that beauty lies far beyond the landscape. Hospitality, food, culture and friendship overload are what made this country worth visiting. Do yourself a favor and stay a while. Amazing and great rates for vacation planning.

Luxury hotels, 5-star boutiques, cheap hostels, houses and apartments for rent. Compare the costs of more than 30 insurance providers. Amsterdam to Utrecht: This trip is a little longer (2.5 to 3 hours, one way). If you include Amsterdam to Utrecht on Google Maps, you'll get two different bike routes (mostly on opposite sides of the canal but leaving a little closer to Amsterdam), take one route to Utrecht and the opposite route back, as they feel very different (but both wonderful routes).

Utrecht is a medium-sized university town with nightlife, local attractions and many restaurants along the main canal. Stay at Grand Hotel Karel V (city center, ample bicycle parking), which is fabulous. Travel from London to Paris and then to Rome. What is the best, easiest and fastest way to travel between the 3 cities: fly, train or rent a car? For example, only the imposing Alps are home to everything from glittering waterfalls and sparkling lakes to fantastic rock formations and stunning panoramas.

With so many sublime sights and so many sensational landscapes to see, visiting the most beautiful places in Europe can take a lifetime. One of the most romantic and resplendent cities in the world, Venice is like nowhere else on Earth, with amazing art and architecture everywhere you look. Located in northeastern Italy, the “floating city” is located on 118 small islands, linked by charming canals and beautiful ancient bridges. Located in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Kravice Falls are a beautiful set of waterfalls hidden among the rugged karst landscape.

With a height of 25 meters, the gentle waterfalls span 120 meters in length. Powerful jets of water sprout among the dense green vegetation that threatens to engulf the beautiful pool below. Stretching endlessly into the distance, the colorful tulip fields of the Netherlands are one of its most evocative attractions. Since the end of the 16th century, when the beautiful bulbs first arrived and the “tulip mania” struck Europe, visitors have been attracted by its fantastic flower beds and lush landscaped gardens.

Founded during the 14th century, they house priceless religious treasures and can only be accessed by climbing steep stone steps cut into the cliffside. While many are now in ruins, there are still six Byzantine monasteries in operation. One of the most important and impressive spiritual sites in the country, the captivating Meteora complex is not to be missed.