What is the name of the largest city in Europe?

Below is a list of the largest cities in the European Union according to the population within their city limits. All cities listed have populations. With a population of 14 million, London is the largest city in the European Union and Europe. However, if you only look at the size, and not so much on the inhabitants of a city, Baku is the largest city in Europe.

The capital of Azerbaijan measures 822 square miles, which is about twice the size of New York City. In recent years, the population of this cosmopolitan city is growing much faster than ever due to the incessant influx of workers from all over Europe. Located between Europe and Asia, this city with a population of 11,000,000 people has been flourishing and growing since ancient times. Europe is also home to many much smaller, but still historically and culturally important cities.

It is the eighth largest agglomeration in Europe, the fifth in the European Union and the second largest in Spain. Although the three largest cities in the world are Asian cities, there are also quite a few metropolises on the European continent. Unlike London and Paris, the third largest agglomeration in the city's range is not a capital, but despite in fact it is the largest city in Eastern Europe. European population growth is expected to be slow in the coming years compared to population growth on other continents.

For example, in the UK, London is the largest city (and the third largest European city overall), with a population of around 7.5 million, but there are several other major cities, such as Nottingham, Liverpool and Birmingham, that have populations close to one million. Two of these cities even have more than ten million inhabitants, which also places them among the largest cities in the world. The sixth largest city in Europe is located on the territory of the densely populated island of Great Britain. Europeish brings you stories about European culture, amazing photos, travel inspiration and the best real local tips every week.

Istanbul is sometimes not included in the list of the most populated cities in Europe, since technically the city stretches on both sides of the Europe-Asia border. However, these cities are definitely outliers, and statistics show that populations between one and three million are more typical of many major European cities, such as Rome (2.3 million), Paris (2.1 million) and Vienna (1.6 million).